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It is forever incredible that an administration announcing the most spacious ideals in our history should have done more to endanger fundamental civil liberties than any group of men for a hundred years. Not since the time of John Adams has a group of office-holders made so determined and dangerous an attack upon the constitutional liberties of this country as are embodied in the ferocious sentences for political offenses, in the hysterical deportation without trial of friendless aliens, in the censorship (of the press), and in the so-called sedition bill advocated by the Department of Justice. These are dreadful things and they have dreadful consequences. They have instituted a reign of terror in which honest thought is impossible, in which moderation is discountenanced, in which panic supplants reason. It was the solemn duty of this administration to allay fear and restore sanity. It has instead done everything humanly possible to ad fresh excitement to an overexcited community.
-Walter Lippmann to Newton D. Baker, 17 January 1920
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